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Important News



Vanguard Appraisals Inc. is working, in conjunction with the Wapello County Assessors, on a complete revaluation of all residential and agricultural dwelling properties. The purpose of this project is to assure that all property assessments are based on current and accurate information. Vanguard representatives will be canvasing the entire county. The project is scheduled to begin August 20, 2014 and will be completed approximately January 15, 2016. Vanguard representatives will carry identification badges which will include there photo. The representatives will ask to inspect your property for the purpose of gathering data necessary to determine an accurate value. This will include measuring the buildings, listing items such as number of rooms, bathrooms, types of finish, etc.

Your cooperation on the project is greatly appreciated. The following Vanguard representatives are currently assigned to the project:


  Stuart Goslinga  Matt Penrod  J Brendon Tharp

  Stuart Goslinga      Matthew Penrod    J Brendon Tharp

  Jim Sinclair  Randall Thornton

   James Sinclair        Randall Thornton